Reflecting on treasured moments with family and loved ones this Memorial Day.

Reflecting on treasured moments with family and loved ones this Memorial Day.

In my last post we discussed, some quarantine activities, you can check it out here:Top 5 things to do under quarantine

Today is Memorial Day; a day that we honor and remember those military members who have died while serving our country.  But today and pretty much everyday we should be reflecting on treasured moments with family and loved ones.  I have many family and friends that have served or are serving in the military and so today I salute you.  I also pay my respects to those who have fallen while serving this great country. 

Did you know that Memorial Day is also known as Decoration Day? What also makes this holiday special is that it traditionally marks the beginning of summer.  This would normally be a time of great cheer and jubilation; however, circumstances for many are changing the ways in which we operate.  How can we celebrate much of anything if we’re supposed to stay 6 feet apart, not to mention the fact that this pandemic has brought the world to its knees.  Afterall, normal activities during this holiday include beach time, family gatherings, shopping for those great sales & resting and relaxing (for many of us) before returning to work.

Growing up my family didn’t really have a “tradition” per se, but we always grilled with family and friends.  As an adult, I have had varied activities for Memorial Day including, visiting Arlington National Cemetery which was an engaging experience especially viewing all of the flags on the grave sites.   This year, my DH and DSD will observe a moment of silence; before partaking in our delicious meal of Ribs, Chicken, Turkey Burgers, Deviled Eggs, Coleslaw and my famous Mint Lemonade.  How will you spend Memorial Day?

This marks the fourth widely celebrated holiday (Good Friday, Easter, Mother’s Day) since living under quarantine.  Many of us here in the states are still under some level of social distancing.   I can’t help but wonder, when the hell am I going to be able to hug my mother again?  Of course, my mother is tech savvy so we chat face to face via various apps, quite frequently.  However, chatting is not the same thing as hugging and kissing my mother!  I can’t be the only one who feels this desire for kinship.  

One way in which I keep my mind at ease is to begin reflecting on treasured moments with family and loved ones.  I think of hilarious moments that keep me smiling decades later and I joyously laugh to myself.  Another way that I center myself is by volunteering.  I’ve been volunteering since the age of twelve.  It is truly a rewarding and humbling experience and there are times when I’ve been overcome with emotions when helping others.  My volunteering has been delayed; although my husband and I did drop off bags of food to a food pantry in early May.  I look forward to serving my community again once we leave this quarantine status.   

My hope for you is that you find a sense of peace and purpose during and beyond this holiday.

Fun fact:  The Red Poppy is a symbol for Memorial Day.

Your turn: If you are still under quarantine what traditions have you kept and which have you abandoned this Memorial Day?

I’ll leave you with this – Be happy that you have breath in your body and always treasure each moment with your family and loved ones.


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  1. This might sound a bit crazy , however Im a lil thankful for this Change in life Triggered by Covid-19. Prior to this I have often felt as if all I did was work and cram the remainder of life into 36 hrs . UNACCEPTABLE . I have a renewed strength about what and how I should conduct my business. I have really had chance to get to understand and know my wife , for that I am most Thankful. All we have in life is family I will cherish these days for the rest of my existence

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